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Meeting an artist :

Last Tuesday, on April 17, from 10. 40 to 11.40 am, we attended an exhibition during which a painter told us about his techniques and the time that it takes him to make a painting.

Thanks to the artist, we realised that having a passion in life is essential!

His name is Mr Daroussi. He lives in Acoua and he is a science teacher at Mtsangamouji Middle School.

started drawing and painting at the age of three and a half at his Coranic school were he would reproduce the arabic alphabet.

Indeed, as he grew up, he wanted to be a painter but his parents disagreed and they forced him to take his baccalaureat (A levels) in Sciences.

During his studies at university in France, he took on painting again at his place. For example, he would lay some fruit on the table as a model and he would use oil paints on a canvas. He waited for them to dry for a week, then he put a second layer on his canvas and to finish his work, he put some varnish.

In fact, he explained to us that most of his paintings were made in France from photos that were taken in Mayotte and he added some people like a fisherman or a « fiancée » to make his scenes more lively and real.

The artist told us that it was difficult for him to combine his professional and personal life with his passion but that in the end it was really worth it !

To conclude, Mr Daroussi taught us a lesson that is :« Always stick to your goals. » Written by three o three class (303) with the help of their

English teacher, Miss Pierrot.

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